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Role Switching

I could easily forgive you all for thinking that I'm submissive, but in fact I'm a switch. Within the relationship with my partner we are both enjoy being either in control or being the one being controlled. It is one of the things I love about what we have got, that ability to be equal but at the same time unequal and both fulfill our desire to be submissive and dominate.

A lot of the blog so far seems to have dealt with my submissive side but that is where I am feel more comfortable at this moment in time. What I have found is I have periods of being more dominate or more submissive. Thankfully my partner understands that and accommodates this phases and has similar phases of her own.

It is said that the major benefit of switching comes from letting the person doing the spanking get a taste of their own medicine. This limits excessive spanking as the spanker knows what the spanker is going through. It is also meant to deal with the various mental aspects of spanking, limiting possible abuse through a completely one sided relationship. This is all probably true but the biggest thing I have found is it gives us both a lot of pleasure and away to resolve your differences.

I simply enjoy both giving and receiving spanking and my partner is the same, however unlike some people we tend to not spank each other in the same spanking session. I think this is because we use punishment spankings as well as play spankings as part of our life style. I think sometimes I so lucky that have found a number of partners understand my needs and that have the same interest in spanking. I know many are not so lucky.

I would recommend anyone to try switching at least one if they are a spanker. I think it is so important they know and understand what it feels like to be on the other end of a spanking before they start giving them out, after all if you understand what a cane feels like, for example, you will use it was much more respect and a greater understanding of how to use it to maximum affect.

And finally be able to switch and change roles can be a lot of fun too. It gives you much more scope to be kinky in your life.