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Something fascinates me about the idea being humiliated and told to what to do by a group of women. Just to be at there command and do as I'm told to please them and make them laugh at me. It just seems a change from the day job were I'm often the one in command. May be that is why I like the times my partner is in charge as much as I enjoy being in command when it her turn to be spanked.

I guess some of the feeling of wanting to be humiliated comes from my childhood, from the feelings of humiliation from being spanked when I was growing up. I still get that little feeling of shame as I'm bared or when I'm standing in the corner but I still crave more.

A ex-partner from way back use to put her used knickers in my mouth as she spanked me, something my current partner is reluctant to do, and another would sit on my face when she came home from work and after she came she would make me masturbate for her if I had done a good job. It is amazing how it makes you feel inside to be out of control and in the hands of someone else.

One time I was on a train, as a teen, with a group of older teenage girls being teased and laughed at, as they changed into their bikini tops under their t-shirts, dangling there warm bra's in my face, it was quiet humiliating. There has always been a desire to get those feelings back. Much like the picture I would love to be made to do things for a group of women.

It would be wonderful to be teased and laughed at again by a group of women. Made to do things I wouldn't normally do, ware clothes I wouldn't normally wear, to be spanked and humiliated. I'm not sure it will ever happen but I would like to think it would one day.