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Real Women

Women thankfully come in all shapes and sizes to make the life of us men more interesting. All of them are interesting and beautiful and have their own uniqueness that makes the different. The right woman for any man is the one with the right personality, not body shape.

The current fashion to have women fronting the fashion industry who have more in common with a coat hanger than a real woman of normal size, is utterly stupid and dangerous. It gives the wrong idea to some young women who end up from suffering form a number of eating disorders based on their perception of body image.

Take the girl in the picture above, she isn't fashion model size but she has a wonderful curved body shape that is a delight to the eye and other parts of your anatomy, if your a man or so inclined as a woman. She is a real woman that you would just love to hold, cuddle and make love to. She is everything a woman should be and she won't feel like she will fall apart when you touch her.

The fashion industry puts across the idea that thin is sexy and beautiful, but what really gives a woman sex appeal is confidence not size. There is something about a woman that is sure of herself that draws you to her and makes you notice her as soon as she walks into a room. It is nothing to do with size. I have seen and met lots of normal women that have more sex appeal than some stick insect on the cover of a fashion magazine.

When you think about it, it is so stupid of designers and the fashion industry to make clothes for such thin woman, they are hardly the norm. Real woman are a lot bigger and a lot more interesting to design for, and better still any designer aiming around the average size of the average woman has a much bigger market out there than the thin designers.

What I would say to women out there is embrace your curves and show them off. The truth is when it comes to women, curves are what men are looking for, not just in real life, but even in their dreams. We look for real women with personality and not stick insects in designer clothes. When it comes to fulfilling male fantasies it is real women we dream about, and in my case ones with nice bottoms that are just right for spanking.