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Masturbation Watching

One of the things I love to do is to watch my partner masturbate. Watching her body and her face as she cums is truly an amazing sight. She just looks so beautiful at that moment with her legs and body shuddering to a massive climax, followed by that moment when she comes down from a massive high.

One thing I have do with my partner now, and have done in the past, is to incorporate this passion I have for watching women masturbate into dominance and submission play. The idea being to get her to beg to cum through orgasm control and spanking.

A typical dominance and submission session starts with by having my partner undress in front of me, making her fold every item of clothing neatly and placing them on bed. Any item failing to be fold to my exacting standards resulting a swift smack to the rear. Once naked, I have her stand before me and order her to spread her legs. At this point I start an examination of her which generally involves playing with her breasts, her pussy and her ass hole which I expect to be clean for my pleasure later.

Once she is sufficiently wet I get her to masturbate for me standing with her legs apart. It is fun watching her trying to stand as she gets close to cumming but she never gets there until I'm ready. Just as I see her knees buckling and her pushing her hand harder into her pussy as she rubs it harder and faster I stop her. Then taking her over my knee I begin to spank her while telling her she can't cum yet.

She knows the penalty for cumming too early, by my side I keep the cane, and six hard strokes is the will come her way and her pleasure will be replaced with pain.

After the spanking, which just makes her wetter and more turned on we start on round two. Once again I order to masturbate for me and once again I stop her just before she is about to cum and spank her for a second time.

Onward the game goes, round after round, with a the addition of a butt plug to focus her mind, until she becomes desperate to cum. It always gets to the stage that she begins to beg. This is the point I love. The power to say yes or know or let her suffer a bit longer is a cruelly fun. Having the power to let her have her release or not.

When it becomes time to let her cum it is always a moment to enjoy. The look on her face is magical as the orgasm explodes. Not being able to stand she always gently falls to the floor as the second, third and forth wave rips through her body. Her mussels move of their own accord, tensing and releasing. The whole thing rips through her body. She cum’s time and time again, until it is all over.

Once she has recovered enough to get on her knees, I strip, remove the butt plug, apply lube to my cock and plunge deep inside her ass. Then I start fucking her as she begins again to play with her sopping wet pussy. I’m normally so turned on it never takes me long until I'm fucking her hard and fast and then I cum myself, filling her ass with my juices as she brings herself off with her fingers.

Of course I not the only one that can play that little game, and now we have the strap on it is going to be interesting how that game develops for me in the future. We are just at the stage now where we are ready to use it in our kinky games. It looks like we are going to have a very Merry Christmas.

Masturbation is something that people tend to think is something that is personal, but my experience is that it more fun when someone does it with you, for you, or in front of you, but more about that and more in later posts.